[Talk-us] Remap-a-tron level 2 complete! Suggestions for level 3?

Charlotte Wolter techlady at techlady.com
Sat Sep 29 18:05:09 BST 2012

         I also think it would be great, if we could focus on 
unedited TIGER. That would clean up the map a lot. There may be some 
technical challenges, but overal it would be a good thing.
         I know someone suggested roads without a name, though I 
think there was discussion that would be technically difficult and 
also might produce a lot of focus on country roads and tracks that 
never have had a name. However, if we limit it to roads changed by 
the redaction, that might be one way to restore the names from TIGER 
that were lost.
         Some things I would like to see in the future include 
editing all the national parks. I know that there is data on their 
Web sites, which, I think, is all public domain. That would be a good 
thing to do.



At 12:40 AM 9/29/2012, you wrote:

>I think the most necessary cleanup to the USA OSM data is to clean 
>up all the crazy unedited original Tiger roads.
>These can easily be identified simply as those ways that have a name 
>but are still the original Tiger data and have not been edited. 
>(except for the balrog-kun bot). You could just identify spots not 
>closer together than (say) 1 mile and that would allow the editor to 
>have a nice piece of real estate to clean up each time.
>It is quite fun doing this since (with the help of TIGER 2012) 
>overlay and Bing imagery, it is usually possible to determine which 
>road goes where and you see an enormous improvement in the map for 
>relatively small efforts.
>If the remap-a-tron identifies an area where all the original; TIGER 
>data was correct, then no problems, we just flag it as good and move 
>on, but at least that area has now been eyeballed by a real person 
>who probably will be able to add in a few new TIGER 2012 roads if 
>they have the overlay active.
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