[Talk-us] Mark your calendars for the #BirthdaySprint! (Now with snazzy website!)

Kathleen Danielson kathleen.danielson at gmail.com
Wed Aug 7 13:35:20 UTC 2013

Hey Everyone-- just a reminder that this is happening this weekend! It's
actually kicking off tomorrow evening at MapTimeSF at Stamen's
so feel free to get started! Remember that this is a distributed event,
though, so you definitely don't have to show up in person to participate.

Let me or Mikel know if you have any questions-- we're excited to celebrate
OSM's birthday with all of you!


On Fri, Aug 2, 2013 at 1:32 PM, Kathleen Danielson <
kathleen.danielson at gmail.com> wrote:

> As you all know, in honor of OpenStreetMap's 9th birthday, we are holding
> a Birthday Sprint <http://osmlab.github.io/birthday-sprint/> next
> weekend, August 10th - 11th. Since we can't all be in the same room (this
> time), this will be a distributed code sprint, so you won't even need to
> get off the couch! All you'll need to do is get online, and all you'll need
> to bring is your enthusiasm!
> Whoever has an OSM project they are working on is invited to rally their
> communities to do a dedicated push over those two days. We already have a
> LOT of great projects signed up, so if you want to help, but don't know
> where to get started, check out our projects page<http://osmlab.github.io/birthday-sprint/about/>,
> where you can find contact info, code repositories, discussion lists and
> more.
> We're working to identify tasks for non-developers as well, so keep
> checking back as we get closer to the date of the sprint if you don't see
> anything you feel comfortable contributing to just yet.
> These are the projects that are signed up so far:
>    - OSM Groups
>    - HOT Website updates
>    - HOT cross-site toolbar
>    - Complete iD integration into tasking server
>    - WikiMaps
>    - Historical OSM
>    - Hashtag Aggregation
>    - Social Feature Planning (UX workshop)
>    - DC Building Import
> We're excited about all of the enthusiasm that we've heard so far, but
> this list isn't done yet! If you've got a project you'd like to add feel
> free to hit me up, or fork the github page. All we ask is that someone take
> ownership for the sprint, you provide a place where contributors can find
> tasks and ongoing discussion, and bring a lot of enthusiasm!
> Finally, even though this is a distributed code sprint, there are a few
> in-person events popping up (in DC, SF, and Salt Lake City). Find details
> here <http://osmlab.github.io/birthday-sprint/locations/>, and let us
> know if you're planning an in-person event too!
> KD
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