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> > At the risk of sounding like I'm defending NE2, one of Ian's points is that NE2 is banned from the list and that discussing this, here, does not allow ALL of the parties in the case to be involved in the discussion.

> One of the things that we need is a formal and transparent grievance process to correct poor behavior (and to build cases for banishment, when appropriate). In this case, it seems likely to me that the remediation process would have been resisted and the mediators, themselves, would > have had their own case(s).

> For the sake of the strength of the project, for the sake of due process, and for the sake of being able to defend any sort of ban or other action, NE2 must have his day in "court." He (and those that may defend him) must be able to speak their minds. On the other hand, those the present situation isn't fair to those of us with grievances. The present situation also is, in total, harmful to the project.

 I'll second this.  If you want to ban somebody in this project, you should t least give them a chance to defend themselves.  This isn't a guy posting porn on a forum visited by children (who should always be banned).  He is doing useful edits.  In fact, as of late, he's been doing a lot of work twinning highways that need it in Florida.  We don't have as enough people as we need to get all highways that are divided twinned here in the USA. --James 
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