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Minh Nguyen mxn at 1ec5.org
Wed Feb 13 07:54:48 GMT 2013

On 2013-02-12 11:18 AM, stevea wrote:
> The "SR plague" is well-named.  Virtually nobody in California
> colloquially says "State Route", except the California Highway Patrol
> filling out tickets and Caltrans -- our California DOT -- on highway
> engineering blueprints.  I have (slowly) begun to back out "SR" ref tags
> to be the widespread acceptable "CA #" ref tags.  Another NE2 mess to
> clean up, mostly.

Incidentally, Mountain View has a few signs up that say "SR 85". But 
yes, I totally agree that certain states, including California, should 
use the "CA 123" format. This should be a no-brainer; mapping services 
have done it this way for many years.

> NE2 has also added "CR " as a prefix to California
> county roads, which already have their own quite well-defined
> nomenclature:  nine letters (A B C D E G J N R S) designating a regional
> clusters of counties followed by a number, such as "G2" or "S19."  To
> name any of these "CR G2" or "CR S19" (as NE2 did) is roughly equivalent
> to urinating on a tree to say "NE2 was here."  These must have their "CR
> " prefix deleted, as well:  nobody calls the road "CR S19" (as NE2 has)
> they say "S19."

I too was guilty of adding "CR" to California county roads (just a few, 
back in '08). But that was before I understood the state's road 
networks, and my edits there have long since been reverted. Now my 
penance is holding out against California-style refs in my home state. :-\

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