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Thank you, Paul:  not only do I stand corrected, I am glad to be 
corrected (improved, really) in this way.  (I did know, in fact, the 
number to be greater than "fifty something.")  I only "planted the 
seed," and you more fully grew the tree of this particular truth.  I, 
too, am not sure of a more accurate number, only that it is somewhere 
between "fifty something" and "200+."

Native reservations still seem to be a not-completely-settled issue 
as to admin_level value, I do wish the OSM community could reach more 
harmonious agreement here.  Discussions like this, which really only 
scratch surfaces, are a good start.

I see persuasive arguments for either admin_level=1 (for the 
US-Canada border stragglers?) or 3 for most or all of these regions. 
Perhaps an OSM wiki discussion can be started, continued or 
resurrected.  Or maybe a new thread.  A new thread should change 
Subject away from "ref tags."  Also, talk-us may or may not be a 
correct forum for this discussion.

I did recently (Volume 62, Issue 1) start a discussion in talk-us 
about admin_level which turned into contributions in the wiki page 
http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/United_States_admin_level, which 
http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/User:Minh_Nguyen cleaned up by 
"drawing off" further discussion to 
(thank you Minh).  That (or a new section in it) may be an 
appropriate place to continue a discussion of native reservations in 
the US being assigned an admin_level of 1, 3 or some other value.  Or 
even something else we may agree to do.


>On Tue, Feb 12, 2013 at 1:18 PM, stevea 
><<mailto:steveaOSM at softworkers.com>steveaOSM at softworkers.com> wrote:
>In other words, New York is just as sovereign as is New Zealand, 
>South Dakota is as much a nation-state as South Korea.  I am not an 
>attorney, but I can read.  This makes for 51 independent 
>jurisdictions:  the fifty states and the United States at a federal 
>level.  (There might be "fifty-something" independent jurisdictions 
>if we include DC, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, US Virgin Islands... 
>but all of those extras are really separate areas of the single 
>"federal state").  The latter (the federal USA) is, legally 
>speaking, absolutely distinct from each of the former (the sovereign 
>fifty states).  Let OSM properly reflect that.
>More like 200+, actually.  Indian nations are usually above the 
>state level, below the US level, with a few exceptions that stand 
>independent straddling the US/Canada border.  These aren't mapped 
>yet, mostly because suggestions to use administrative boundary 
>levels 3 and 1 as default levels most tribes and the border 
>stragglers have either gone ignored or shot down.
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