[Talk-us] parcel boundaries and associated data in OSM

Jason Remillard remillard.jason at gmail.com
Fri Feb 15 00:47:37 GMT 2013

Hi Brian,

All of your questions are good, and like you mentioned, we had a
debate about this in late December. I don't think we (community and
our software) are ready right now to import all of the parcel data in
the US. However, it does not mean we should sit around and do nothing

One of the projects that I was hoping to tackle this year is to setup
an imaging layer in JOSM/potlatch for the MA parcel data. My current
plan is to import the MA parcel shape files directly into postgis and
render them. However, instead, we could first convert the shape file
to an OSM file. Making one big OSM file (perhaps one per state) would
force a bunch of problems to be solved. The data would need to be
collected and scripts would need to written to do the conversion. It
would also force the issue of getting the tags figured out.

Getting that done this year would be real progress!! Rendering this
parcel OSM file into an image layer for JOSM/potlatch would let
everybody in OSM see/work with the data, paving the way for eventual

If you want to work together let me know. It seems like doing an image
layer for just MA is a bit wasteful in the larger context of OSM.
However, doing more than MA, will be too much work for just 1 person.
Unless somebody else wants to help, I don't plan on doing more than


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