[Talk-us] USFS Wilderness data, import with a "lenient transformation?"

stevea steveaOSM at softworkers.com
Thu Feb 21 22:51:12 UTC 2013

An update:  after some cursory examination of just the sort I am 
proposing (USFS data imported from shapefile WITH a "potentially 
noisy" transformation with superimposed USGS data), I find very high 
data correlation.  The largest errors I am able to see (for the small 
subset of data I have visually examined like this) are 2 to 3 meters 
at most -- these following range/meridian/township lines.  Boundaries 
which follow creeks or parallel existing, uploaded roads are 
essentially spot-on, or maybe centimeter-level errors at worst.

So, "off by a kilometer" may be true as a POTENTIAL error in this 
transformation, but from what I see, any error is much less than 1% 
of this.  I am comfortable with this quite low level of noise in 
these data potentially imported into OSM using this transformation. 
I will, however, continue to both solicit opinion here and examine 
more data, especially at edge latitudes where the transformation may 
be more problematic.


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