[Talk-us] parcel data next steps

Brian Cavagnolo bcavagnolo at gmail.com
Fri Feb 22 00:27:53 UTC 2013

Hey guys,

In a previous thread on parcel data, some people expressed interest in
participating in creating some sort of open repository for parcel
data.  I was imagining a conference call or something to discuss next
steps, but I think we can advance with email.  I'm imagining that it
makes sense to separate the data gathering process from the data
standardization/import process.

Regarding the data gathering, the main objective is to gather recent
raw data, licensing terms, and meta data from jurisdictions in
whatever form they make it available, organize it in a dumb directory
structure.  I was just going to set up an FTP (read-write)  and HTTP
(read-only) server to get this going.  Are there any
recommendations/opinions on a longer-term approach here?  Custom
webapp?  Off-the-shelf webapp?  Somebody mentioned a git repository.

Regarding standardization/import, I was planning on setting up an
empty instance of the rails port as a test bed.  Then participating
users could point JOSM and other tools at this alternative rails port
to examine, edit, and import parcel data.  We could also provide
planet-style dumps and mapnik tiles.  The idea is that we would have a
safe place to screw up and learn.  Does this sound like a reasonable

Oh, and I found this fantastic paper that some parcel data people (Abt
Associates, Fairview Industries, Smart Data Strategies) recently put
together for HUD [1] that examines many of the issues that they faced
building a parcel database.  Timely.


[1] http://nationalcad.org/download/the-feasibility-of-developing-a-national-parcel-database-county-data-records-project-final-report/

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