[Talk-us] Happy Birthday, OSM-- let's have a Birthday Sprint!

Kathleen Danielson kathleen.danielson at gmail.com
Tue Jul 9 19:11:47 UTC 2013

As far as DC, I think it would depend on how many people are interested in
attending. Let's continue the local discussion on the MappingDC list.

I love the idea of non-coding tasks, since we aren't all developers, but
many of us still really want to help. I think it would be great if people
who are involved in projects could respond to this thread (or just create
another one) with some ideas for sprint tasks for both devs and non-devs.
This would be a great opportunity to solicit testing, or get help writing
documentation, for example, as well as the more obvious development tasks.
I think what will help is if people can make clear asks before the event so
that when the Birthday Sprint comes we can hit the ground running.

I've spoken with a few of you about this, but I'll follow up off list for
some projects/tasks that I think could benefit from a little Birthday
Sprint love. Don't wait to be invited, though-- if you'd like to work on
your project and maybe organize your community around it, go for it! Feel
free to use this thread to propose an idea, or create another thread if you
want to have some more discussion around it.


On Tue, Jul 9, 2013 at 12:11 AM, Mikel Maron <mikel_maron at yahoo.com> wrote:

> This is a great idea Kathleen, best way to celebrate. We want to keep up
> the momentum from SOTMUS, and pick up other projects too. In HOT, we're
> starting to organize our tech work, and this would be good timing to get
> some focus.
> For DC, where could we host it? American Red Cross may or may not be
> available. OpenGovHub is a little complicated on the weekends.
> Also, wonder if there's non-coding tasks we could pick up. There's lots of
> initiatives coming out of SOTMUS ... TeachOSM, Diversity Task Force. Within
> HOT, we have a lot of policy and communication needs.
> -Mikel
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> Hi Everyone,
> I hope you're all enjoying your Independence Day celebrations! I'm
> thinking toward another upcoming anniversary-- OpenStreetMap's 9th
> birthday! I know that folks are planning various celebrations in cities
> around the world, and I thought that it might be a good idea to plan a
> Birthday Sprint to continue the work from the SOTMUS Sprint Days.
> So, I propose that on the weekend of August 10-11 we hold a remote
> Birthday Sprint on any and all OSM projects. What this means is that
> whoever has a project they are working on can rally their community to do a
> dedicated push over those two days. I'm thinking MapRoulette, new osm.orgfeatures, iD updates-- whatever. Then, we just do it! If people want to
> host in-person sprint day events, that's fantastic, but even though being
> in the same room is vastly beneficial, it's not always feasible on a
> project like this, so the assumption is that this will be a predominantly
> remote event.
> It's been great to see all of the enthusiasm and momentum coming out of
> SOTMUS, so let's keep that going with the Birthday Sprint!
> Cheers,
> Kathleen
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