[Talk-us] Update on highway shield rendering

Phil! Gold phil_g at pobox.com
Wed Jul 10 13:14:40 UTC 2013

* James Mast <rickmastfan67 at hotmail.com> [2013-07-10 03:18 -0400]:
> I'm just curious, but how are you going to add shields for all of the
> Turnpikes out there that have their shield posted alongside another
> route shield (like the PA Turnpike, New York Thruway, Ohio Turnpike as
> examples)?



I've got shields for the PA Turnpike, but a recent edit of yours broke the
rendering.  :)  See below.  For all that I've got most (hopefully all) of
New York's parkways prepped, I seem to have missed the New York Thruway;
I'll have to add that.

> Will there need to be some tweaks to the relations for those said routes
> so this can happen?

The way I'm handling this at the moment (documented at
http://elrond.aperiodic.net/shields/supported.html ) is that the relation

 * an appropriate network tag, usually one matching the state's routes
   (US:PA, US:NJ, etc.);
 * the name tag set to the name of the route; and
 * *no* ref tag

The recent edit to the PA Turnpike added "(eastbound)" and "(westbound)"
to the name tag for the relations, which broke the rendering because it
just expects "name=Pennsylvania Turnpike".  I'm not sure I want to change
this aspect of the rendering, because "Pennsylvania Turnpike" is the name
of the route and "Pennsylvania Turnpike (eastbound)" is merely the
designation for a partiular relation.

Also, I note that someone has added ref=NJTP to the New Jersey Turnpike,
which breaks my rendering there.  I do support ref=<initials> tags for
some New York parkways, because that's basically how the signs look, but
I'm not sure how reasonable it is for the New Jersey Turnpike.  Anyone
want to offer an opinion here?

> Also, do you guys think for the "PA Turnpike XXX" routes, that the
> "network" tag for them should be "US:PA:Turnpike" (also for the mainline
> PA Turnpike relation and NE Extension)?

I've already got shields available for PA routes 43, 66, and 576 under the
US:PA:Turnpike network.  (Also, the Pennsylvania Turnpike will get a
shield with either US:PA or US:PA:Turnpike, since I thought a reasonable
argument could be made for either case.)

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