[Talk-us] USBRs as ncns in OCM

stevea steveaOSM at softworkers.com
Sat Jul 13 01:12:24 UTC 2013

At last, OSM's wiki documentation fairly reflects these efforts:

http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Cycle_routes#United_States shows 
how bicycle routes are implemented in the USA, with a distinct nod 
towards specific and current OSM implementation details at national, 
state and local levels


is more of a "tracking page" for the WikiProject of furthering 
development of the USBR within OSM on a proposed-route-in-a-state by 
proposed-route-in-a-state basis.

Thanks to all who contributed!  From now on, USBR development in OSM 
should largely "run under its own steam."  For those who share an 
interest here, by reading these wiki pages, Adventure Cycling 
Association's USBRS-related blog pages and otherwise following news 
in the USBRS, OSM volunteer efforts (and statewide coordination of 
emerging proposed USBR routes) should allow OpenCycleMap and 
waymarkedtrails.org renderings to track, update and properly display 
the USA's nascent nationwide bicycle network.



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