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Maybe we could add a "ref:year" tag?
Date: Sat, 13 Jul 2013 19:07:53 -0500
From: baloo at ursamundi.org
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Subject: [Talk-us] US Historic Route shield rendering

I'm wondering if we can broaden the tagging for US Historic Route 66 and perhaps retag the existing relations for it's various routes, since the shields for this route are the same for other US Historic Routes (such as former alignments of US 30 in Oregon), save for 1 2-block segment of US 66 in my neighborhood (which rather than saying "HISTORIC ROUTE" says "MINGO GREENWAY" for reasons unknown).

I propose rather than going with no ref and "US:US" for the network, we go with the ref on the sign, and "US:US:Historic" for the network.  Not entirely sure how to handle bannered segments of this network, though:  For example, in my neighborhood, two different routes are bannered as "1926-1932" and "1932-1974" (the "*-1988" alignments are currently signposted as either I 40 Business or OK 66, with no historic signage, but could potentially fit the "1974-1988" banner in Tulsa for historical completeness if we're going to add relations for unsigned segments of historic highways).


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