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    Anyway, I think that a goal of increasing active mappers is really
smart-- perhaps we could set annual or quarterly targets for ourselves?

Tracking and publicizing the data monthly should be step 1. Editathons can
help increase the number of active mappers, but realistically, we need more
mappers. US isn't low because we don't edit enough, it's low because we
need more mappers. Step 2 might be setting an annual target. But just
setting a goal isn't enough. We need a plan a strategy to get there.

Can you talk more about what an OSM Ambassador would do? I'm familiar w/
> Fedora, but not its Ambassadors.

As I envision an OSM Ambassador program, the goals would be similar to

Organize OSM participation at events
Demonstrate OSM to the public
Promote OSM at local events with talks, handouts and swag
Promote Switch2osm

Provide training in iD

Funding should be made available to the ambassadors for reimbursement for
travel and other related expenses. The most likely candidate to handling
the funding would be the US Chapter of OpenStreetMap. A budget and someone
to authorize expenditure would be required.

We already have people that give talks to outside groups so you might ask
why we need a formal program. A formal Ambassador program would allow
individuals to travel to events that they might otherwise not be able to
afford on their own. It could cover the cost of printed material and swag.
Training could be included to make sure our Ambassadors are knowledgeable.

An Ambassador program is just a suggestion to help us increase the number
of active mappers.

[1] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors


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