[Talk-us] converting .osm to a particular shapefile schema

Alan Brown adbrown1967 at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 25 00:16:57 UTC 2013

Hi - 

I have a question about exporting OSM data.  Pardon me if this is the wrong group; please direct me to the correct one if it is.

I'd like to see if I can take .osm format data, and rearrange it - to the extent possible - to shapefiles using a pre-existing schema.  What is the easiest way to do this?  I know I can always use xml parsers and shapefile libraries, but if can get my desired result with config files and existing programs - or, most of the way to my desired result - this will save a lot of time.  I've seen some already shapefiles at geofabrik.de, but it's in a different schema than I'd like, and they drop information that I'm interested in.

For instance, I'd like to convert tags "highway=primary" and "highway=secondary" into numeric functional road class values 1 and 2, respectively.

I saw a tool called osm2shp, but I don't know if it's possible to fully control the schema of the output.

Anyone have experience with this, or have an idea how to do this?  I may just write an XML parser to take in the .osm file directly, but I'd appreciate any help with making this project as simple as possible.


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