[Talk-us] JuicyTrails Map and App based on OSM data released

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Thanks for taking the time to check it out and share your thoughts.

It is possible to turn off Auto Centering by unselecting "Center Map" from
the menu options icon (usually found in the top right hand corner of the

Good call, on the City search feature. Adding it to our To Do list.

RE minimal text size feature, would you mind sharing the competitor name. I
would like to check that out.



On Fri, Jul 26, 2013 at 6:03 AM, Mark Newnham <mark at newnhams.com> wrote:

> Just downloaded it onto a Samsung Galaxy 2.
> 1. when the phone goes to sleep, as soon as it wakes up, the position of
> the map reverts back to the current position. If I'm using the phone to
> review where I'm going to walk before I get to the start point, this is
> really annoying. Suggest that:
> a. This is the default behavior when the app is recording a trace.
> b. Maybe it could be user definable when not recording?
> 2. No search by town name. If reviewing the map prior to walking,  I have
> to drag the map across a distance. On the phone, again, really annoying. In
> addition, at a zoom level high enough to make scrolling easier, the text of
> the town names is to small to read. I'm pretty sure at least one competitor
> product allows a settable minimum text size
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> Hi OSM folks,
> I posted my GPS tracking and trail map app to the Google Play store today.
>  I am writing because I am interested in getting some early feedback from
> the OSM community, especially regarding feature requests or improvements to
> the map, website, and app.
> It would also be great to hear thoughts about how juicytrails can
> facilitate trail mapping.
> Here is the Google Play app store link
> https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.juicytrails.juicytrailsfree&hl=en
> If people like it, it would be nice to get some good reviews going...
> The trail map features all kinds of dirt trails (hiking, horse, bicycle,
> motorcycle, ATV, and 4WD) as well as paved footways and cycleways, all
> based on OSM data. I started this project basically to fulfill my own trail
> navigation needs. I have done quite a bit of OSM trail mapping myself, but
> even I was shocked how many trails appeared when we turned the rendering
> lights on in the USA. Denver, Boston, and California have the most mapped
> trails. I have mapped quite a bit in Moab, Utah, Fruita, Durango, Crested
> Butte, and Salida Colorado.
> Here is our burgeoning website and map.
> http://juicytrails.com/
> A central goal of this project is to turn hardcopy trail maps into trail
> dollars. We have actually already been doing this part of the project for a
> couple years. We are working with a growing list of trail associations to
> get their trails on OSM and juicytrails.com and then subsequently on
> hardcopy maps which we will sell directly to trail associations for a very,
> very small production fee of $.50 per map. The trail associations then sell
> directly to retailers for $1.50 each, and then the retailers sell for $2.99
> each, clearing $1.00 minimum per map. The hardcopy maps have download codes
> used for installing offline versions of the maps into the Free Juicytrails
> App. These maps have been a minor hit, and have sold extremely well in some
> locations.
> Thanks for reading.
> derrick nehrenberg
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