[Talk-us] access restriction, water only: How to tag?

Thomas Colson thomas_colson at nps.gov
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The intent is to convey what mode of travel is appropriate or "authorized"
for each of 100+ campsites. Many are hiker-only, easily solved by
"horse=no", some are horse and hiker, a very few are hiker, horse, and
boat-accessible, and a very very few are only reachable by boat: There are
no trails, official or otherwise, leading to the boat-only sites (one being
on an island). Given the steepness of the terrain and density of understory,
attempting to reach one of these sites generally results in a bad ending
(tag..helicopter_rescue=yes). However, NONE of the sites are banned from
hiker-access. Just that we want to clearly identify and label the "only way
you can get here is a boat". So far I'm using "boat=yes", to keep it simple.
As someone else posted, lack of a way/route leading to the site would
suggest a boat as a means of getting there. In practice, there is mapped a
short trail from the lake shore to the actual site. 


The color-coding on the official park map perhaps conveys this better 





We have not considered a tagging scenario that suggests people can put their
horse in a boat...


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the only established tags for areas I am aware of are natural=scrub and
natural=wetland with sub tags (swamp, etc.), maybe this can be further
refined if required (density), or we can come up with new tags for stuff
like quicksand. Suitable keys might be "natural" (for geographic features),
landcover, landuse and maybe more. First of all you should tell us what it
is that makes the area difficult for foot travel. ;-)


That might work.  Thomas, can you provide us details as to  what makes it
difficult or dangerous to travel by foot to the camp in question?  




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