[Talk-us] Spammy-sounding survey sent to my OSM inbox today.

Simon Poole simon at poole.ch
Sun Jul 28 20:35:56 UTC 2013

Am 28.07.2013 17:51, schrieb stevea:
> Re: [Talk-us] Spammy-sounding survey sent to my OSM inbox
> I might be the nicest person you have ever met, I hope I am a good OSM
> mapper, and I am kind to children and animals.  However, I vehemently
> oppose OSM collecting any additional personally-identifiable data.  My
> birth year, employment status, gender and other such data are nobody's
> business but mine.  And you might call me a privacy nut if you know
> me, but I have given more (and more personally-identifiable
> information) about myself to OSM than I have to any other volunteer
> project in my life.

Be assured that you are by no reasonable standard a "privacy nut" if you
want to reassure yourself, take a look at the now 100 messages long
thread (not counting at least one spin off thread) on talk-de on the
privacy issues related to associating user id, display name and edits.

>   I have done so knowing what OSM's existing "privacy policies" are: 
> nothing specific except those specified and implied by the License
> Terms, and I like it that way.  So, I continue to contribute.  Asking
> me for demographics directly threatens my willingness to contribute in
> the future.
Not only do we have a privacy policy (see
http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Privacy_Policy)  that is linked to
the first step of account creation, we (and that means everybody on the
community that has access to data that we don't consider / isn't public)
are bound by law to abide by certain procedures and practices (in
particular UK data protection legislation).

>> There are privacy issues, for those accounts who provide demographics
>> "only to researchers".
>> If demographics are included with editing stats, it becomes probable
>> someone could work the data in reverse to reveal the member ID.
> You are darn right there are privacy issues.  As OSM has absolutely no
> Privacy Policy (that I am aware of) that isn't already included in the
> License Terms I (and thousands of others) have agreed to, the privacy
> issues are "what is out there is out there and what is not out there
> is not available."  Any attempt to change this/ex post facto/ is going
> to inflame the same sort of ugly backlash that changing the License
> Terms from CC-BY-SA to ODBL did:  a nasty feeling of betrayal by OSM
> contributors (which still has not completely gone away, even for many
> who have agreed to the new terms).  Who wants to go first with THAT?!
See above.
>> Beyond that I think it reasonable to ask more of mappers.  Wikipedia
>> has a good argument for anonymous editing.  OpenStreetMap?  I think
>> not so much.
> No, it is not reasonable to ask more of mappers.  OpenStreetMap
> absolutely has the same good arguments for the sort of semi-anonymous
> mapping it enjoys right now.  Do you want to chill new mappers as well
> as dyed-in-the-wool contributors to what is a great project?  OK, then
> start talking about "asking more" of us in the direction of
> privacy-invading demographic information.
> This "knowing everything about everybody" has gone too far.  You don't
> know about padeshahekhoban?  Neither do I.  And I really don't care
> to:  I'm busy mapping.

I can assure you, that even if now and then it would be nice to have
better ways of contacting mappers (aka knowing their real name and
address), there is definitely no intention of expanding the information
we require for an account  (a working e-mail address) and very very
clearly no intent to collect any kind of information that could be
considered sensitive personal information (gender, age etc). As said
above just the legal requirements we would then have to fulfil make it
clear that this will not happen (not to mention the community outrage
that it would cause).

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