[Talk-us] Spammy-sounding survey sent to my OSM inbox today.

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sun Jul 28 23:30:19 UTC 2013


On 28.07.2013 22:35, Simon Poole wrote:
> I can assure you, that even if now and then it would be nice to have
> better ways of contacting mappers (aka knowing their real name and
> address), there is definitely no intention of expanding the information
> we require for an account

Occasionally, and usually in the wake of some kind of problematic edit, 
some people call for all kinds of measures that would make it harder for 
a newbie to cause trouble, or measures that would help implement a "web 
of trust" - for example, you could define that you want to monitor all 
edits in your area of interest, except those that come from a list of 
people that you have defined, and possibly those that come from people 
trusted by these, and so on.

One component that people sometimes mention is creating some kind of 
optional "real identity" service, so that if you want, you can somehow 
reveal your real name and have this verified in some way, and then you 
get a pink star drawn next to your user name on the API or something 
like that which would supposedly make people trust your edits more than 
if they just had a nickname. Just like e.g. amazon.com and some other 
web sites do in their customer review sections.

I wouldn't rule that out, but it's certainly not something anybody plans 
to implement in the near future. And I think at least in the discussions 
I've been part of, nobody suggested to expand this scheme to age, 
gender, religion, or income bracket ;)

As Simon mentioned, on talk-de there's currently a long-ish discussion 
with some people demanding that we stop adding user names/user ids to 
the planet file as those would make it easier for people to "data mine" 
the planet to profile indivduals.


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