[Talk-us] Chapter Board Elections

Martijn van Exel m at rtijn.org
Tue Jul 30 15:56:06 UTC 2013

Hi talk-us,

Here's a brief update from the Chapter Board on the upcoming elections. As
you know, the board is elected on a one year mandate. Our term ends on
October 13 of this year. This is still a little while away, but we'd like
all of you to think about the next year of the OSM US Chapter, and who
should be on the board to represent you.

Perhaps you are thinking of yourself? You should be! Being on the board
does not require superhero skills, just a dedication to OpenStreetMap in
the United States and a determination to put your ideas into action.

If you want to nominate yourself for a position on the board, head over to
add yourself. It helps a lot if you write a brief manifesto, outlining
why you want to be on the board and what you would aim to accomplish. This
will help voters make an informed choice.

We have more voting members than ever before (thanks in part to the
membership drives around the previous SOTM US conferences) so the upcoming
elections should be interesting and important!

We will continue to follow up with more details about the elections as they
emerge. In the mean time, don't hesitate to voice your questions or
concerns here or at board at openstreetmap.us.

On behalf of the OSM US chapter board,
Martijn van Exel
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