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Greg Troxel gdt at ir.bbn.com
Fri Mar 1 12:28:11 UTC 2013

stevea <steveaOSM at softworkers.com> writes:

> However, the tag boundary=national_park is confused, as it is widely
> overused, especially on STATE parks.  Arguments are valid either way
> whether to include or exclude it on State Parks.  The reason appears
> to be that boundary=national_park is mapnik-rendered as a pleasing
> dashed green line, and name text appears at wide zoom levels (up to
> z=6).  Hence, the "overloading" of it on "non-national parks" so it
> renders anyway.

I agree that boundary=national_park is confused, and to first order I
think we should get rid of it.  The first question is whether it's
tagging a boundary, which is a line feature, or whether it is tagging
the polygon.  If it's a boundary, it should be tagging the line feature,
and it's a bug for that to affect the rendering of the area.  But that's
how it is used now.

I think national parks should have landuse=conservation
leisure=nature_reserve like all other conservation/human-use-also areas.

If we do want to tag park boundaries, I think we should step back and
ask why, and then have a coherent park boundary scheme.  national parks,
state parks, municipal parks are in some sense really all the same,
except different levels of government own and administer them.  I agree
that national parks are a bigger deal socially, but I don't see a big
enough distinction to have a special top-level tag.

I think it's also confusing for our international comrades that we use
park in two totally different senses:

  national park, which is about a balance conservation/preservation and

  local park, which is often a "leisure=recreation_ground" and not
  necessarily conservation (ball fields, etc.)

  local consevation area, which is not called park, even though it's far
  more like a national park in character (but not scale) compared to a
  local park
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