[Talk-us] US Bicycle Routes in KY, TN, AL, MS, and GA

KerryIrons irons54vortex at sbcglobal.net
Fri Mar 8 20:48:58 UTC 2013


I am heavily involved in the development of US Bicycle Routes (see
www.adventurecycling.org/usbrs) and it has come to my attention that
OpenStreetMap/OpenCycleMap have proposed maps for US Bicycle Routes 21, 25,
80, and 84 in KY, TN, AL, MS, and GA.  The routes are shown as dashed lines
but with the USBR numbers on them.  At the same time USBR 76 is shown as
proposed but in fact it has officially been designated in KY.

As of now there are only proposed corridors for these routes (50 mile wide
areas where a route could be developed) and so showing specific proposed
routes is beyond the current status of any of these USBRs.  It could be
argued that USBR 25 will likely follow the Adventure Cycling Underground
Railroad route but none of the states involved have applied for designation
of these routes with AASHTO, the official body in charge of the USBR system.

I would like to get in contact with the mapper(s) who put these routes into
OpenStreetMap/OpenCycleMap and clarify this.   We are always looking for
enthusiastic folks who want to work on the USBR system but in this case
putting detailed routes on maps is a source of confusion.

Please contact me at your convenience if you have been involved in putting
these routes into OpenStreetMap/OpenCycleMap.

Kerry Irons
Adventure Cycling Association
kirons at adventurecycling.org

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