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The USBR numbering system is the same as the US Federal Highways system for
dealing with scenic routes or alternates.  So if there is an alternate to
USBR 50 (whether as a scenic route or simply an alternate) then it would be
numbered USBR 50A.  Spur routes and bypass routes follow the same convention
as other US Federal Highways - three digits with the first number being even
for bypass routes and odd for spurs.


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I noticed OpenCycleMap doesn't handle bannered routes well. (Yes, bannered
routes again.) Local governments in the Columbus, Ohio, area have been
pushing for a "USBR 50 Scenic" to go along with the proposed USBR 50. The
route relation is currently `cycle_network=US:US:Scenic`, `ref=50`,
`modifier=Scenic`, and of course `state=proposed`. [1] But OpenCycleMap
sticks misleading "50" badges all along the route. I'm loathe to set the
`ref` tag to "50 Scenic", as mappers once did on bannered road routes. So
what's this armchair mapper to do?

[1] http://osm.org/browse/relation/2532436

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