[Talk-us] Last call for Riley county, Kansas address import

Toby Murray toby.murray at gmail.com
Tue Mar 12 04:38:23 UTC 2013

So I've mentioned this import a couple of times now. I have been
taking my time with it and working with the new US imports committee
that Serge started to go through the import process. But after the
meeting tonight I think I am now ready to actually hit the upload
button. I plan on uploading in about a week.

To recap: I have about 18,000 addresses from my county GIS office.
They gave me explicit permission to use the data. It consists of
address points on building centroids. I have processed it with Paul
Norman's "addressmerge" script to eliminate any data that duplicates
existing address information in OSM and merge the imported address
information onto building outlines where possible and appropriate.

I have documented the details including the exact addressmerge command
I used along with links to various involved resources on this wiki

>From there you can download the data and inspect it yourself.

There are a handful of known errors that I will be manually fixing.
These stem from a little bit of positional fuzzines in both the county
data and in OSM. Both data sets are very good but nothing is perfect
and the combined error margin caused a few incorrect data points. But
they are all in higher density areas which I have inspected very

Future updates will be possible from the same data source by simply
following a similar workflow. The addressmerge script will strip out
all the addresses that are already in OSM and leave only ones that are
new in the county's data.

So, any last comments? Speak now or forever hold your peace :)


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