[Talk-us] Need an OSM dev in PDX to make a custom vector map file

Bob Eddings eddings at mac.com
Fri Mar 29 04:13:13 UTC 2013

I'm a photographer/designer in Portland, Oregon and understand there is a fairly large community of developers and contributors for OSM here.

I'm working on a local design project and need to meetup with someone in Portland with the tools & skill to create a custom vector map of the Portland metro area (minus nearly all usual layers; using only street and highway shapes) from OSM data and that can be saved and used as a graphic element for a one-off print job.

I'd like to meet, hopefully in the next day or two, over a coffee or beer to show my mockup of exactly what I need. I used an online Google maps wizard for the mockup, but it's beyond my knowledge or skills to generate the vector file from OSM data. That said, what I'm after is very simple and I pretty sure it's trivial for someone in your specialized community to quickly create a vector file given my mockup. 

I know this is a highly unusual request for this group but I ran this by Alex Barth and he recommended my using the list to contact someone here, locally, who might be interested in making a couple hundred dollars cash for a quick task.

If you are interested, please contact me asap at this email address. Thanks very much!


Bob Eddings

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