[Talk-us] Baltimore Building Outlines Import

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Sun May 5 12:33:50 UTC 2013

* Matthew Petroff <openstreetmap at mpetroff.net> [2013-05-04 00:07 -0400]:
> My only qualm with the data is that some buildings have more nodes
> than they need, but I'm not sure what can be done about it besides
> manually reviewing and simplifying all 200k+ outlines.

My opinion on imports is that if manual intervention is the only way
to keep the data at the same quality level that OpenStreetMap should
be offering, then manual processes need to be part of the import,
because an import should not degrade the quality of data in OSM.
(This is why I rejected an direct import of the city's landuse data.
http://www.openstreetmap.org/user/asciiphil/diary/13891 )

When I briefly discussed the building footprint import with Elliott, I
said that, were I doing it, my process would involve pulling the
buildings into JOSM and using JOSM's todo plugin to look at each new
building and make sure it looks okay and migrate any tags from
existing OSM building data.  That's a lot more work than just bulk
processing the data and dumping it into OSM, but I think the
hand-cared aspects of our data are some of the most important things
about this project and imports should only complement that care.

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