[Talk-us] H. R. 1604 bill looking to force US government to contract out much of its mapping activity

Alex Barth alex at openstreetmap.us
Thu May 9 02:38:19 UTC 2013

Great read by Brian Timoney on MAPPS' proposed H.R. 1604 bill looking to
force USG to contract out much of its current mapping activity. He
questions whether the same contractors that made mapping into what it is
today in the USG are the ones who can be trusted to come up with a solution
to well known efficiency problems.


OSM data and the OSM software ecosystem can play a huge role in this
context. Open source and open data has proven its worth in tearing down
institutional boundaries and making teams cooperate more efficiently many
times over.

That's the reason why we at the OSM US chapter are trying to connect
government with government around using OSM:


Thanks to Dane Springmeyer for forwarding this to me earlier today.

Alex Barth
OpenStreetMap United States Inc.
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