[Talk-us] misuse of the landuse=forest tag for national forests

Torsten Karzig Torsten.Karzig at web.de
Sat May 11 19:52:56 UTC 2013

I am relatively new to the talk-us list and have a question concerning 
the landuse tags of national forests. Right now (at least in southern 
california) all national forests are landuse=forest which leads to large 
green areas on the map which look like they originate from a very old 
video game with giant pixels. The boundaries of the national forest 
often have nothing to do with the actual landuse=forest/natural=wood 
boundaries. I would therefore vote for deleting the landuse tag [and map 
it separately] leaving the national forests only as protected_areas.

Before doing this change I would like to have your input/opinion on the 

I know that this should actually not be a concern but does anybody know 
whether protected areas of level 6 (like national forests) are rendered? 
(if not this might be a reason for the initial landuse=forest tag, 
although this is clearly mapping for the renderer)

One more thing: When I look at the definition of the OSM map features it 
seems that natural=wood seems to be a better tag. But this depends a bit 
on the interpretation whether landuse=forest is used for land that is 
primarily managed for timber production or for woodland that is in some 
way maintained by humans.


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