[Talk-us] User randomly upgrading highways in the Carolina's

James Mast rickmastfan67 at hotmail.com
Thu May 23 04:58:25 UTC 2013

Just happened to come across the other night a user (mjbyars) who has been upgrading the highways type when it shouldn't be.  For instance, he's upgrading several state highways from secondary to primary when they have no business being upgraded that high, especially with a near by parallel  US highway that is the primary highway there.  I've already contacted him, but haven't gotten a response back yet. 
He's also been upgrading small segments of 4 lane US highways that are primary up to trunk when they have no business being that highway.  In fact, I had to repair US-301 last night in an area where it seems he just copy and pasted tags from one way to another and made a section 4 lanes when it's only a 2 lane highway.
Here are some examples:
Anybody willing to help out and fix some damage if he doesn't respond to messages (couldn't hurt to have a second person contact him as well, maybe Mike N since he lives in SC).
-James (rickmastfan67)
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