[Talk-us] deleting misleading CDPs

Richard Welty rwelty at averillpark.net
Fri May 31 03:21:38 UTC 2013

i'm planning to delete a misleading CDP in the near future, i'm pondering
the fact that from time to time we talk about deleting all the CDPs, an idea
which i sometimes think is the right idea.

in this case, the CDP is for Niskayuna NY


which is a tiny sliver of the Town of Niskayuna. the CDP is bounded on 
the east
by Balltown Road, on the west by the level 8 admin boundary about 8 
blocks away,
on the south by Union Street, and on the north by Providence Avenue.

at the same time i will add the proper border for the Town which is not 
at present. nobody even knows what the CDP is and it's mostly just 
the town offices and the high school aren't even inside the CDP boundary.

thoughts, anyone?

my feeling is that if there's a named town then including a much smaller CDP
with the same name is quite misleading. i think the same situation exists in
Rotterdam NY and if i find that that's the case, i'll apply the same remedy.


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