[Talk-us] Take another look at notes!

Richard Welty rwelty at averillpark.net
Fri May 31 22:30:51 UTC 2013

On 5/31/13 2:57 PM, Alex Barth wrote:
>> Craigslist had added a feature to their OSM powered maps to submit map
> problems back to OSM
> Have you found that feature actually on craigslist?
i'd going to go take a look at the UI if i can find it.

there is a note on the wiki page for the new feature:

     It is OK for third party sites or apps that use OpenStreetMap
     data to include notes functionality through the API. This feature
     will however, only be useful if the quality of reports are high.
    Therefore it is important that the issue reports include sufficient
     information and detail for an experienced mapper to be able to
     fix the issue. Also, it is important that you make your users
     aware that this is to be used only for commenting on map
     data issues and not general aspects of your site or app.

developers, take heed! i have found most of the bug reports on mapdust
(which has some sort of mobile device tie in) to be pretty useless, drivers
in their cars tend not to enter anywhere near enough information. i have
added notes requesting more information and never gotten a response
to any of them. i generally end up closing the old stale ones for not
enough information.


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