[Talk-us] Turn restriction dispute, NE2

Paul Norman penorman at mac.com
Fri May 31 23:48:45 UTC 2013

After a delay the DWG and OSMF have reached conclusions on the case
involving a turn restriction dispute between Paul Johnson and NE2 that was
referred to it by Paul Johnson, NE2, and multiple other members of the
community. This decision took an extended amount of time due to the
investigation and multiple bodies the decision went through. The final
decision has been endorsed by the OSMF board.

The decision has been made to ban NE2. This is not a decision that was taken
lightly. This is an indefinite ban.

The full text of the DWG recommendation to the board is available at
but the executive summary is as follows:

NE2 is a user in Florida who tends to be in edit wars with others and is
involved in many arguments. There was an edit war over a turn restriction
earlier this year, which was referred to the DWG by NE2, the other person
involved in the dispute, and members of the US community. NE2's behavior in
this dispute was consistent with his past behavior and shows an inability to
work with others on what is a crowd-sourcing project. The DWG has
recommending/requesting an indefinite (not infinite) ban. This covers both
his NE2 and NE3 accounts.

Paul Norman
For the Data Working Group

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