[Talk-us] Editing heatmaps for OSM-US canidates

Paul Norman penorman at mac.com
Sun Oct 6 03:35:39 UTC 2013

I threw together a set of links to OSM-US candidates editing heatmaps for
edits in the US, as one of the criteria I'm using for deciding whom to vote
for is editing history.

Edits in Alaska or Hawaii are outside the window, but were not significant.

Martijn van Exel: http://yosmhm.neis-one.org/?zoom=5&lat=38&lon=-98&u=mvexel
(Some edits in Alaska)
Alyssa Wright: http://yosmhm.neis-one.org/?zoom=5&lat=38&lon=-98&u=apwright
(No edits in the US)
Alex Barth: http://yosmhm.neis-one.org/?zoom=5&lat=38&lon=-98&u=lxbarth
Mele Sax-Barnett:
Ian Dees: http://yosmhm.neis-one.org/?zoom=5&lat=38&lon=-98&u=iandees
Steve Coast: http://yosmhm.neis-one.org/?zoom=5&lat=38&lon=-98&u=SteveC
Kathleen Danielson:
Jessica Breen:
Steven Johnson:
Randy Meech: http://yosmhm.neis-one.org/?zoom=5&lat=38&lon=-98&u=randyme

At the bottom of the page is a link for "How did you contribute to
OpenStreetMap". You can also move the slider to see only older

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