[Talk-us] TIGER 2013 Places shapefile for PA?

Richard Welty rwelty at averillpark.net
Tue Oct 8 11:39:29 UTC 2013

On 10/8/13 2:53 AM, Paul Norman wrote:
> I'd say the biggest problem is ways that almost overlap and should be
> shared, but don't
what i'm seeing in the northeast is that county boundaries were brought
in from a USGS
data set that wasn't particularly accurate, and many places (cities,
villages, CDPs, etc)
were brought in from TIGER 2005 data which has occasional problems but
is mostly
much better. the result is when locality boundaries are supposed to line
up with
county boundaries, well, they don't.  the lower Hudson had looked really
awful any
place there were local and county borders because they weren't even
close to the
same place

what i've done over the past several months in the counties bordering
the lower
Hudson Valley (south as far as Orange and Putnam Counties) is as follows:

1) replace county boundaries with boundaries from the 2013 TIGER Shapefiles
     (initially 2012 Shapefiles, the 2013 files became available while i
was working
      on it. there is not much difference between 2012 and 2013 files)
2) adjust state boundaries where needed
3) add town boundaries from the same shapefiles
4) share border segments that overlap between counties, towns and
5) update the TIGER 2005 places boundaries to 2013 boundaries in cases where
     i detect that there is a meaningful difference

i am now starting in on the counties along the NY/PA border; another NYS
is working on counties running out along the Mohawk River. it will take
a while to
get all this right, but it's moving along and i anticipate we'll get NY
done in the
fullness of time. at some point i will do Rockland and Westchester
Counties, which
abut NYC where i know that Serge has done a bit of border repair.

PA, NJ and CT appear to need similar attention. VT and MA seemingly are
good. haven't looked at the Canadian border recently although it didn't
look good
the last time i checked it. if it's still bad when we get to the  north
country, we'll
fix it then. i'm not going deep into adjacent states, i'm doing just
enough work to
settle the state borders down. i needed the PA shapefile for places so i
could fix
the Matamoras border near Port Jervis, NY; it was the only thing unfixed
at that
location and it was really annoying me.


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