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Tod Fitch tod at fitchdesign.com
Thu Oct 17 05:25:37 UTC 2013

On Oct 16, 2013, at 8:38 PM, Martijn van Exel wrote:

> We just had an interesting discussion about ferry routing here at Telenav.
> In our testing we see that we sometimes fail to route folks over car
> ferries, even if that would be the preferred route and alternatives
> would be much, much longer.
> It turns out that this happens because some of the access roads to
> these ferries are tagged as highway=service, sometimes
> service=driveway. For various reasons we don't want to route folks
> through service roads, so this poses a challenge. Here's an example:
> http://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=19/48.42169/-123.37231
> As a lightweight solution, we came up with this idea: why don't we tag
> service roads that lead to and from a ferry as access=ferry. The
> access= qualifier is already common on service roads, because of the
> nature of highway=service as a road that generally provides access to
> some particular destination.
> This is not going to be affecting a huge number of ways - there are
> only around 500 or so ways tagged with route=ferry, of those, only a
> minority are car ferries, and of those, only a small amount would have
> only service roads connected to them. I can figure out how many
> exactly if you're interested.
> I am curious to hear your thoughts.
> -- 
> Martijn van Exel
> OSM data specialist
> Telenav
> http://www.osm.org/user/mvexel
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/User:Mvexel
> http://hdyc.neis-one.org/?mvexel

Seems like access=* is and should be for who can use a facility (residents, law enforcement, etc.) while the service=* is a descriptive modifier on what a highway=service was built for. So I would suggest something like highway=service, service=ferry_access.

On the off chance that the ferry route has some access restrictions then the access key would still be available for its normal use.

I see there is already one service=Ferry_ramp and 49 service=passenger_ferry though I haven't checked to see if that was used on the ferry route itself rather than on the service road(s) leading to it.


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