[Talk-us] Fall Editathon Seattle Edition

Lars Ahlzen lars at ahlzen.com
Tue Oct 22 21:07:11 UTC 2013

We had no less than two successful Editathon events here in the greater 
Boston area: One by Mike Foster at MIT (Cambridge), and the other one at 
Telenav's offices.

With the recent MA building imports, missing roads at new residental 
developments now stand out very visibly on the map, and - with 
up-to-date Bing imagery and Tiger2012 - mapping those turned out to be a 
good task for participants.

By the way, I've helped hosting a few mapping parties/editathons in the 
past, and one of the things I noticed this time was how much easier iD 
is for beginners to pick up than Potlatch. Kudos to the iD team for 
making a great editor!!

Also, Mele, thanks for posting those great resources! We're hoping to 
start having more regular OSM meetups around here and that will 
definitely come in handy then.

- Lars

On 10/19/2013 09:23 PM, Melelani Sax-Barnett wrote:
> Things went well in PDX too-- we had about 14 people who came and went 
> throughout the day. Lots of newbies too! I did forget to take pictures 
> though-- oops.
> Feel free to use/fork our resources page and slides here: 
> http://pdxmele.com/editathon
> Repo: https://github.com/pdxmele/editathon
> Good luck to the other meetups this weekend!
> My best,
> Mele
> On Sat, Oct 19, 2013 at 5:51 PM, Martijn van Exel <m at rtijn.org 
> <mailto:m at rtijn.org>> wrote:
>     Good to hear you've been having a good time! Re: battlegrid: you're
>     most welcome! I've shown it to the folks present at the SLC Editathon
>     today, and everyone found it useful. Please don't hesitate to send any
>     feedback or suggestions this way.
>     We had a really good time here in Salt Lake. The turnout was good by
>     our standards (5 people, 2 new). We did not accomplish a lot of
>     mapping but we did discuss a potential Utah address points import
>     extensively. Also, because we all agreed this is a pleasant way to
>     spend a Saturday afternoon, we are introducing a new monthly event,
>     the Saturday Mapternoon! If you're in the area, check us out:
>     http://www.meetup.com/osmutah/

Lars Ahlzen
lars at ahlzen.com

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