[Talk-us] Public Labs/balloon mapping?

John F. Eldredge john at jfeldredge.com
Mon Oct 28 03:12:26 UTC 2013

Ian McEwen <ianmcorvidae at ianmcorvidae.net> wrote:
> Hi; I've been recently looking around http://publiclab.org/,
> especially
> at their tools for doing ground-tethered balloon and kite mapping
> (http://publiclab.org/wiki/balloon-mapping). The bulk of the prose on
> the site seems to be activism-oriented -- documenting the BP oil
> spill,
> Occupy encampments, etc. As you might guess I'm more interested in the
> potential to use this for OSM, but stories of others doing that seem
> to
> be sparse.
> Has anyone here used balloon mapping or these tools (or similar ones)
> who can share experience, pitfalls, etc.?
> --
> Ian McEwen
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Friends of friends have done high-altitude balloon photography using weather balloons.  This isn't quite the same thing as what you are planning, but I will try to find their contact details.  One difficulty of using such photos for mapping, it seems to me, will be determining the downward angle at which the photos were taken, so as to calculate the perspective.

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