[Talk-us] NC-SC Border survey

Mike N niceman at att.net
Wed Oct 30 01:14:34 UTC 2013

The border between North Carolina and South Carolina has been 
re-surveyed.  A number of businesses and households have suddenly found 
themselves on the 'other side' of the state line.   I don't know if 
they'll modify the border for those cases, or if it will be some sort of 
special government trade arrangement.   Also I'm not clear on when the 
new survey will take effect.

A resource: http://ors.sc.gov/geodetic/ (South Carolina Geodetic Survey)

  And details


In the nearly 300 years since, the branded trees died or were cut down, 
housing and businesses moved in on the border, and it hasn’t always been 
clear where the line is. The commission and its staff finished the 
technical work of remapping in May, and Miller says the estimated line 
was rarely off by more than 50 feet. But it has created a mess for a few 
households and businesses who suddenly find themselves part of a 
different state.

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