[Talk-us] AARoads

Martijn van Exel martijnv at telenav.com
Thu Oct 31 23:32:06 UTC 2013

Hey all,

I've been eyeballing AARoads, they have very detailed information on
most of the Interstates, US highways as well as state routes, with
detailed descriptions of the exits and many pictures of the signs as
well. Example page here: http://www.aaroads.com/west/i-084_ut.html

I am wondering if any of you are involved with that web site and also,
if any of you have previously derived information from there for your
mapping. I am trying to figure out if that would be legal / permitted.
(I am also trying to get in touch with them directly, but if anyone
here knows anyone there, that may help.)

Specifically useful would be information on the signs (exit_to=,
destination= on lanes) as well as the cardinal direction info that I
was talking about last week.


Martijn van Exel
OSM data specialist

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