[Talk-us] Road abbreviations

stevea steveaOSM at softworkers.com
Fri Aug 1 18:32:21 UTC 2014

Once again, Paul:  nice overlay!  It is very impressive what can be 
whipped up (and rather quickly!) with OSM data and clever use of 
tools.  Such visualizations give the OSM community an excellent 
method to identify, prioritize and potentially assign/do fixups in 
our data.  I encourage others to look at Paul's overlay and make 
suggestions, especially if you are local to or map in one of the 
areas with red lines representing road name abbreviations.

Looking at San Diego, I see fewer than a dozen red roads, most around 
the Marine Corps base, but not bad at all.  Yes, it seems worst in 
"the east" (ern USA) in clusters, though there are problems in the 
west, like Las Vegas, SW of Eugene, Oregon, around Denver and other 
parts of Colorado, and NE Wyoming (?!).

I realize that this is a quick(er) solution and that more thought 
might need to go into any bot's logic that identifies problematic 
street names, but this overlay/visualization is a great initial 
result and should be pursued further.  Thanks for everybody's efforts!


>On 7/30/2014 6:18 PM, Serge Wroclawski wrote:
>>   Paul,
>>Yeah, I'm just trying to figure out where the problems are- not trying
>>to dig deeply into them yet- I'm looking for clusters of problems (ie
>>San Diego), or I heard about a problem in Michigan where someone
>>decided to revert a bunch of the bot-mode changesets because he didn't
>>like the way they rendered, so in this case, I'd just look for some
>>known contractions at the end. We may change that later, but that's
>>where I'd start.
>A bit of PostgreSQL and CartoCSS later, and I have an overlay 
>showing all the abbreviated roads: 
>http://tile.paulnorman.ca/demo/abbreviated.html. This layer is *not* 
>live updated.
>Strictly speaking, this is not road only, and may include other 
>features. It has names ending in rd, st, bvld, ave or av, with the 
>first letter lower-case or upper case and with or without a period 
>at the very end.
>This is a total of about 69000 roads.
>Most of the roads are in the eastern United States, with small 
>clusters around some cities in the West. Places outside the US with 
>noticable numbers of abbreviated roads include: Vancouver, BC; 
>Trinidat and Tobago; Philippines; Chennai, India.
>Technical note: The layer is generating 500 errors for tiles with 
>nothing on them. This shouldn't impact its use.
>From a Vancouver perspective, a lot of the abbreviated roads will 
>require a ground survey, because the rest of their name is 
>frequently wrong (e.g. three roads named 22 av instead of 22 Avenue, 
>22A Avenue and 22B Avenue).

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