[Talk-us] Quest for foolish consistency

Tod Fitch tod at fitchdesign.com
Sat Aug 9 16:25:00 UTC 2014

While visiting some relatives in a small town (actually only really a CDP but there is a post office and the county maintains a court house and sheriffs station here) I have been doing morning walks to collect address data and to verify street names per the county placed signage.

The Tiger data, including the 2013 overlay, list all streets with cardinal prefixes (e.g. "North Estill Drive") while none of the signs do that (e.g. "Estill Drive"). So I have been removing the "North", "East", etc. prefixes from the names so that OSM matches the signs posted on the ground. Most of the streets are short enough that there is no issue with them crossing to a different cardinal location.

However the main east-west road, signed for the whole length as "American Ave" has numbers for both East American Avenue and West American Avenue. I think I know where the east-west dividing line is based on the numbering but there is no indication based on the street signs.

What I have been doing is:
For streets that only have one cardinal value, remove that so it matches the actual signs.
For streets that have both a north and south segment or an east and west segment, leaving the prefix on the name even though it does not match the actual signs.

Does this seem reasonable?

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