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Nick Hocking nick.hocking at gmail.com
Fri Aug 15 21:14:02 UTC 2014

Keith wrote

"Sounds like you fixed this quickly. Would you mind explaining the steps in
detail you took to achieve this? Thanks"

I decided to use a set of common abbreviations of
In Australia I'd propably add "Cct" (Circuit) to the list.
Then for the first "Ct"  which is "Court" I went to overpass-turbo.eu and
ran the query of

<query type="way">
  <has-kv k="name" regv=" [Cc][Tt]$"/>
  <bbox-query {{bbox}}/><!--this is auto-completed with the
                   current map view coordinates.-->
  <recurse type="down"/>
This shows all the ways whose name ends in a space followed by ct (in any
With this map in one window and JOSM in another window, I then located the
first "Ct" in the Josm window and edited it manually to be "Court"

Often there was a *nest* of abbreviations (St Ln Pl etc...) in the same
neighbourhood, so having fixed one way I would hav a quick look around that
area. and fix any other abbreviations I found.  Then on to the next "Ct".
I generally worked my way west to east and north to south.

Once I had cleared up all the "Ct" (rerunning the operpass query verifies
this) I then started on the "St"  (Streets). About30 or 40 hours later Las
Vegas was fixed.

What I will now do I export to CSV all the Las Vegas Road names, then grep
out all the good ones  (I.E Court, Street,.... Road) and see what's left.
Any typos I've made while editing (E.G Ctourt) and any ways without
suffixes will be left and I can investigate if they can be improved or not
(from TIGER 2013).

You'll notice that no bots were run in the making of these fixes. This is
for two reasons.  Firstly I'm not a fan of bots since they make assumptions
which may not always be true. Secondly, manual editing in JOSM with the
TIGER 2013 and OSM data showing, means that I found quite a few missing
road names in OSM. Also I found quite a few missing roads and If both TIGER
and Bing imagery agreed about the road then I added in the road.
I also found a few typos along the way which I could fix as well.

Ie always found that desk checking against another source (like TIGER) and
entire city results in massive improvements. Any city I've mapped I always
desk check against another source and inevitably find lots of typos to fix.

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