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Murry McEntire murry.mcentire at gmail.com
Fri Jan 3 16:15:31 UTC 2014

Several "stores" are dual licensed - many current medicinal shops have
picked up a recreational license. There is a requirement that a wall
separate the two sides and the books be completely separate. So one
building outline with two nodes, one medicinal, one recreational, would
seem appropriate for the dual businesses.

See this newspaper article for more info.

On Fri, Jan 3, 2014 at 8:29 AM, Russell Deffner <russdeffner at gmail.com>wrote:

> From my understanding, as it stands, these stores are to be ‘governed’
> differently – medical marijuana stores can sell to anyone with a medical
> marijuana ‘card’/license.  The new state issued licenses are for a business
> to sell to anyone over 21 years of age.  They are not allowed to be/do both
> and have different limits on the amount that can be purchased/sold, and
> also medicinal doesn’t have the age limit.
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> The last two may be crack, but the first two come from my, perhaps
> mistaken, understanding that not every medicinal dispensary was able to
> secure a recreational use license.  Someone more knowledgeable pleas
> correct me.
> Well, I'd go access=private on that since it'd only be open to members, no?
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