[Talk-us] [Resend] Contact / support address for fieldpapers.org?

Joseph R. Justice jayarejay at gmail.com
Fri Jan 3 16:42:50 UTC 2014

[I sent a copy of this message on 23 Dec 2013, e.g. right before the
holidays, with no response.  I am attempting one resend of it, now that the
Talk-US list shows activity again, before trying elsewhere.  Note: I am
*also* going to resend the message I sent to Stamen Design, on the off
chance that it was overlooked there due to the holidays.  -- J]

On Mon, Dec 23, 2013 at 9:58 PM, Joseph R. Justice <jayarejay at gmail.com>wrote:

I tried creating an account for myself at fieldpapers.org (username
> "JayAreJay"), but subsequent to creating the account I've been having
> problems logging into it.
> I've tried e-mailing Stamen Design <info at stamen.com>, on 14 Dec 2013, but
> as yet I've not received any response that I can find.  (Yes, I've checked
> my spam folder.)
> Does anyone know how / who to contact regarding account issues with
> fieldpapers.org?  I'm assuming creating a bug at the associated GitHub
> site would be less than useful (at least, if it were *my* GitHub project
> I'd think a bug of that nature would be misplaced if posted there).
> Thanks for any help anyone can provide.  I *am* subscribed to talk-us, so
> I will see responses sent only to the list.

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