[Talk-us] Help with non-existent school in Big Sur, CA area

Sebastian Arcus s.arcus at open-t.co.uk
Mon Jan 6 21:04:11 UTC 2014

Thank SteveA! Great story about paragliding - now that is extreme 
mapping! I would be inclined to mark it as historic - if I could see 
anything looking like a ruin anywhere nearby. But as that doesn't seem 
to be the case, I think I'll just delete it.

I've visited the area in Oct 2013 and enjoyed it - but limited by 
adventures to a bit of hiking with my brother. I must add paragliding to 
my list for next time :-)


On 06/01/14 18:03, stevea wrote:
> This is part of a GNIS import does by Ian Dees in 2009. I have 
> discovered many objects that were uploaded to OSM as part of this 
> import which are decades or even a century old (or older) which 
> certainly do not exist today (churches, hospitals, schools 
> especially). I deleted them, and I think it is safe to say you can, 
> too. Though you might want to consider adding a historic=yes tag and 
> suffixing the name tag with "(historic)." Either method would be correct.
> But yes, I have driven past/hiked/camped (even piloted a paraglider, 
> and got verbally warned by a State Parks ranger that there are "no 
> aircraft in the State Park System!") here, and I assure you there is 
> no school here: presently or even the remnants of one. However, it is 
> entirely possible that there once was one, many decades or even a 
> century ago.
> Your call, Sebastian. My preference is to delete what isn't actually 
> there, but there are arguments to be made for why we might want to 
> keep historical sites in OSM, even without there being "something" 
> there -- if it is tagged as such.
> SteveA
> California
>> I'm doing a bit of mapping south of Monterey based on some notes I've 
>> taken two months ago, and I've stumbled over this school on the map:
>> http://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=19/36.31044/-121.88636
>> A search on the Internet doesn't reveal anything called "Sur School". 
>> A search for schools in the area reveals some schools further south - 
>> but nothing close to where this school is on the map and nothing 
>> similar sounding. Also, looking at the satellite imagery, there is 
>> nothing close to this point on the map that looks like either a 
>> building or some remnants of one. There are the disused "Point Sur 
>> Naval Facility" buildings on the other side of the road, but we know 
>> what those are and they are not a school.
>> I think the best thing to do is to delete this object. However, could 
>> someone who either lives in the area or has local knowledge confirm 
>> that this school really doesn't exist. All the evidence so far points 
>> to it being the case, but it would be nice if we could have "on the 
>> ground" confirmation before I delete it.

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