[Talk-us] Proposal to Remove Two Duplicate Route Relations in Texas

stevea steveaOSM at softworkers.com
Wed Jan 8 04:33:27 UTC 2014

>Cam4rd98 is an interesting character, I'll say that. He's new and 
>enthusiastic about mapping, but doesn't quite understand the 
>conventions of OSM. I haven't had to talk to him recently, but 
>previously he's been unresponsive to messages.
>In this case, I'd say send him a message and delete the relation. If 
>he notices it gone, maybe he'll read his inbox for once.

I concur with these Cam4rd98 characterizations as I have done similar 
coming to these conclusions.

OSM is a community.  This includes communication amongst its members. 
Frequently, we reach consensus.  We don't do that in a communications 
vacuum.  Reverting changesets by knowledgeable and experienced 
contributors after shouting into the chasm of OSM citizenship is good 
work, especially as it is watched and supported by wider consensus. 
We are building an excellent working map here.

Let us well communicate intention.  OSM doesn't work when it is 
considered a solo map, so we must listen.  Consensus is essential, 
though only occasionally easy.


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