[Talk-us] Semi-spammy sorta-helpful edit: how to handle

stevea steveaOSM at softworkers.com
Wed Jan 15 01:36:11 UTC 2014

>I have not run into much spam in OSM, but while working on the 
>link checker I ran into:
>Looks like mom pimped up her son's self storage business, but rather clumsily.
>I could (a) fix silently  (b) write to her on the off chance she 
>will reply  (c) revert.
>What do people think?

I ran into something similar:  a note tag entered a week ago by user 
Noram (near a new node with name= Noram Auto Repair) which simply 
listed "Repair and service of Japanese, and American made automobiles 
and trucks."

To the nearby node, I added shop=auto_repair and note=Japanese, 
American, truck.  If there WERE an existing tag (like 
cuisine=japanese for an amenity=restaurant) I would have used those, 
but I didn't feel like inventing one, so I leaned upon a note tag.

That was my way of fixing this note tag at a sweet spot of "quickly 
and correctly."  But not thoroughly, I admit (I could have started a 
voting page for auto_repair=light_truck, auto_repair=american and so 

I didn't ask permission (it was a note tag) and I don't ask 
forgiveness (contributing something is better than nothing).  And 
while I won't lose sleep over the fact that I didn't posit a whole 
sub-tagging scheme (which would be nice, but is a small bit of work), 
I could have, done that, as well.  Someone later might come along and 
add the phone number and website (if one) to this node, and so on. 
One brick at a time is OK.

In short, I took what I had, blended as I know, uploaded something 
"appropriate" and didn't go further, though I could have.

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