[Talk-us] South Carolina State Highways - primary overload

James Mast rickmastfan67 at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 16 05:16:20 UTC 2014

I have finally heard back from the DWG group on this subject.

They said that they "lack the manpower to actually investigate these edits and find out what they "should" be".  However, they said that they can identify *every* highway=xxx upgrade that the user did in a time frame and revert them.  They would need to rely on us here in the talk-us community though to let them know if this seems like a sensible thing to do in this case before they do anything.

So, do you guys think we should ask them to do a revert on all of the highway=xxx upgrade changes the user made in South Carolina (and also where he did it in Georgia too)?  We would need to try to lock down the time period that he did this in changeset # wise so that there are no problems with the highway type revert.  It just sucks that with the new OSM layout, that got rid of the page #'s in the URLs for a user's changesets.  That would have made this job a tad easier to do allowing just url editing to get to older changesets he did.

Anyways guys, post what you think should be done here so I can get back to the DWG on this subject.  (I'm personally all for the reverting of the highway=xxx upgrades this user has done only and not a full scale revert of all his changesets as he did do some highway cleanup in some changesets while doing the 'highway=xxx' upgrades.)

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