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name:lang tags are for the name in lang, not for the name translated to
lang. My neighborhood name could be translated into many languages, but that
doesn’t mean it has anything other than an English name.


It’s also important to remember that English is not a default in OSM names


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I tried Kort here in Portland, Oregon. It gave me some interesting things to
think about. I'd hoped to send them to talk-ch, but it seems I can't without
subscribing in the longer term.  Maybe you can relay this to your local


Kort gave me three types of mission. One was to enter the language of some
street names here in Portland. The second was to enter some speed limits,
and the third was to name a pub.


As feedback, and as a suggestion on how the game might need to be modified
for countries outside Switzerland, I don't think that specifying the
language of a street sign is useful in essentially monolingual countries. In
the USA, street signs should always be considered to be in English. There is
no reason to tag them with any language in OpenStreetMap.  English is the


There are interesting questions, of course: El Camino Real is a common
street name in California, and is obviously Spanish, so what is the correct
English name?  Is it "The Royal Road"? No, I don't think so; we would not
want to translate this to create an American English name.  The correct name
in English is  "El Camino Real."  The Spanish name has been adopted into
English usage.  Local English speakers would all say "El Camino Real."


These thoughts lead me to the "Avenue des Champs-Élysées". Should we write
"Elysian Fields Avenue" in English? No, of course not.  Almost everyone has
heard of the Champs-Élysées, and no-one would dream of writing the "Elysian
Fields". So should we be translating street names at all 


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