[Talk-us] Finding deleted objects, WAS Re: what happened to the Mt. Hood National Forest?

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Fri Jan 17 16:24:01 UTC 2014

2014/1/17 Dion Dock <dion_dock at comcast.net>

> BTW, how does one find an area that was deleted?

there are a series of tools and ways to achieve this. You can

a) find the object ID (nodes, ways and relations) in an older file (e.g. by
downloading it and cutting it to a small bounding box so you can open it in
JOSM), then use this ID to ask the main API about the way, e.g.
b) use Potlatch1 (it is still there, although hidden, simply click on
"edit"-> Potlatch2 and remove the "2" from the url. Then zoom to the place
you are looking for a way (nodes and rels don't work) and hit "u" (you have
to wait a bit, deleted ways will show up in red).
c) use Whodidit http://zverik.osm.rambler.ru/whodidit/
d) browse changesets for deletions

Aside from the fact that in your case the object was not deleted but some
other error occurs, it is often good to analyze who has deleted a certain
object, as it might be a case of vandalism and the user might have deleted
more objects. With the ID you will find the changeset and the user and can
do this kind of lookup.

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