[Talk-us] Any foursquare/OSM editing update? How about Craigslist?

Jason Remillard remillard.jason at gmail.com
Mon Jan 20 02:44:16 UTC 2014


For Foursquare, I am interested in knowing if it has been rolled out
everywhere, do they have any idea how much the "edit" button has been
pressed, and if it has caused any support burden or other unexpected
problems. As a baseline, hopefully adding the "edit" button does not

> .... Of course the point can't be
> "editing a map" -- there has to be something to lure in your average
> user.

I assert, that there are CL users that would be motivated for
themselves at fixing issues on the map. Check this note out.


At the time the OSM did not have the two lakes. The CL user was trying
to rent/sell a property that is on a lake, but the lake is not in the
map, big problem! Even if they figured out that fixing this on
osm.org, also fixes it in CL, the slow tile update cycle means that
the fix would in fact not appear back in CL in time for that specific
listing. It is currently impossible for somebody to fix issues in the
map, and help themselves on CL.

Also, many CL notes notes in OSM are from errors in the address look
up, which is not even OSM data. They say something like "the wrong map
is displayed here". There is nothing we can do with them because we
don't know the address that they were searching for and the note is
note placed at the location that address should have been at. All we
know is some address is wrong/missing inside of the this bounding box.
We don't even get a back link to the listing associated with the note.

I think CL could do more without compromising the mission of the company.


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